Upgraded Russian drone takes out Ukrainian jet (VIDEO)

Recent improvements to Moscow’s kamikaze UAVs have allowed for longer-range strikes

A newly deployed Russian Lancet drone was seen making a direct hit on the cockpit of a grounded Ukrainian Su-25 fighter jet, according to footage shared by war correspondent Andrey Rudenko.

The journalist published a brief video of the strike on his Telegram channel on Tuesday, noting the attack took place at the Dolgintsevo airfield near the city of Krivoy Rog. Filmed from a bird’s-eye view by another surveillance drone, the footage shows a loitering munition descending upon a Ukrainian war plane parked at the base, appearing to hit the jet dead-center.

“These images are notable for the fact that the Ukrainian fighter was destroyed by a new loitering ammunition with a range of up to 120 kilometers,” Rudenko added.

The Russian strike mirrored another operation captured on video late last month, when a Lancet drone successfully targeted a grounded Ukrainian MiG-29 jet at the same airfield. Moscow has reportedly made upgrades to extend the range of the kamikaze UAVs in recent weeks, allowing them to deliver payloads to distant bases.

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Ukrainian drone destroyed in Black Sea – Russian MOD

Developed by Zala Aero, a subsidiary of the Kalashnikov concern, two known variants of the Lancet are currently in use by Russian forces. A smaller model can carry 1kg of explosives and fly for 30 minutes, while a larger version can haul 3kg and fly for 40 minutes.

Though both were thought to have a range of around 40km, the weapon’s developer recently announced “a number of innovations into the hardware and software complex of the Lancet unmanned system,” saying the improvements would enable longer-range strikes beyond “direct radio visibility.”


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